Bookmas Day 17:
Gift Guide III

It's time for the last gift guide! This particular one will be things a booklovers can put use in their homes, but that don't necessarily really have that much to do with books.

This is for all the tea drinkers. There are all kinds of different teas you can choose from, and Teapigs also have a Gift Set where you can choose 12 different teas and a set of 6 Super Christmas Teas.

You need something to make that tea in too... This is one from Eva Solo, but there are lots of different ones you could get.
This is kind of a luxury item in my book, and I cannot get over the tin this comes in! There is also a Hazelnut Hot Chocolate variety and a Mocha Flavuored one too.
This candle actually has sort of a snow crystal texture, which is really cool. This says it smells like bergamot, mandarin, rosemary, lavender and fresh violet leaves, but I just know it smells great. I also really love the Innocent Vanilla, the Black Orchid and White Sandalwood.

There are tons of different mugs you can get! I've chosen some with literary themes, but mugs are always a nice gift. I also like this one with a quote from C. S. Lewis, this handmade Harry Potter mug with the Grim and this Jane Austen mug.
I hope you got some ideas from this, maybe even for your own wish list.

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