Top 5: Honuorable Mentions of 2014

I'm working on the top 10 list of my favourite books of 2014, and realized I had to make a little list with books that deserve a mention, but that didn't quite make it to my top ten.

I'll just quickly say what it's about and why I loved it!

A beautifully written story set in Iceland in 1829. This tells the story of Agnes and the last execution in Iceland. It's best part is its vivid scenery.

A dystopian story following Beatrice Prior where society is split into five factions, each dedicated to a particular virtue. Very exciting book.

A young adult, science fiction story about Amy, who joins her parents as frozen cargo on a space journey that will take 300 years. But when she wakes up, she realizes she's been unfrozen 50 years too soon.

A graphic novel containing five haunting tales. The artwork of this is beautiful!

This is a fantasy young adult novel about a boy called Nobody, who was adopted by ghosts when he was very little, after his entire family was horribly murdered.
So many good books!

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