Title: The Sport of Kings
Author: C. E. Morgan
Published: 2016
Language: English
Pages: 545
Rating: 4/5

Set in Kentucky, this is a family saga about race, slavery, humanity, family legacy and about a group of characters brought together through horse racing.

This is a huge book to review, but I will attempt to keep it brief; most importantly, I really enjoyed this.

I think this is an epic book, both in scale and the topics it discusses. The writing is wonderful and descriptive, and the characters are fascinating, although often horrendous (so if you don't like books with characters you won't like and won't always understand, you might want to pass on this one). I really enjoyed going deep with the characters and where they come from, and seeing the family unfold was very interesting.

I really liked how horse racing binds most of this book together, even though I generally have very little interest in it, and I like that it's not too overwhelming. I loved reading about the times and the history of the place its set in, and the general theme of race, legacy and family. It will probably make you uncomfortable, but it makes you think.

I do think it's a little bit longer than necessary, and sometimes the writing should've been reigned in, but overall, I just really enjoyed sitting down and delving into this world. I don't think it's the new "great American novel", but it's a great book to read if you like slow novels with a bit of experimental writing at times.
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I had a very exciting package arrive a few days ago and I wanted to show you what was inside!

So, I have been following an account on Instagram called @Litemporium and after having drooled over their literary pins for a long time, I decided to get some! The full name of the company is Literary Emporium and they make all types of lovely things for book lovers.

They have a collection called The Gothic Literature collection which is what caught my eye first, but then I perused the website and found some other pins, as well as a lovely set of bookmarks with first and last sentences from some wonderful classics.

If you're interested, you can find all the stuff on their website, and if you just want to keep up with what they're doing, you can find them on Instagram as mentioned, as well as Twitter.

The gothic pins are already in place on my leather jacket, and one of the bookmarks in my current read. Everything was also packaged really beautifully, so I'm very, very pleased!
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