Bookmas Day 22:
A Perfect Reading Evening

As this is a veeeery busy time of year for most people, today I thought I would share something that I think is important to do - take it easy. It's important to take an hour or two to just relax sometimes, because if you're stressed out, you won't be much fun to be around when Christmas finally arrives. This is what you need:

1. A good book (for instance, the Diviners by Libba Bray that I will never shut up about). Or a good movie, if you're more in the mood for that. Or a TV-show (like Downton Abbey, which I loove).

2. Candles! I personally really like candles, though I rarely light them (I'm a little lazy). But they set a certain mood, you know? It's cosy.

3. Hot chocolate! Or tea, if you prefer. I think hot chocolate is really good this time of year though.

4. If you live anywhere close to the north, you will need a blanket, because it's freezing.

5. Really, really comfortable pants. Preferably of the pyjama variety (My favourite ones have milkshakes on them and are bright green).

And whatever you say to yourself to not do something like this, trust me; if you're not having a good time, no one is having a good time. Treat yo self!


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