2015 Reading Goals

First and foremost, happy new year! Today, I thought it was time to share my reading goals for the next year.

Last year, when I discovered Goodreads, I signed up for the Goodreads challenge. I decided to try to read 50 books, and it went down very well. I really liked having the challenge, and it really pushed me to read more.

This year, I want to try to read even more, so I'm going to double my challenge. I want to read 100 books in 2015 (gasp!). Seeing as I read around 80 books this year, I think it'll be fine, although I have to up my game a little bit.

Now, within that goal, I have some other goals. I want to read at least:

5 classics
Because I want to read a lot of classics, but I rarely get around to it, so maybe this will push me to pick them up.

5 graphic novels
Because I've fallen in love with graphic novels, and I want to read more!

5 poetry books
I love poetry, but rarely read it. Time to fix that.

5 Norwegian books
I read almost all my books in English, and it's kind of sad - I need to read more in my native language!

5 non-fiction books
A genre I am very unfamiliar with, but want to explore.

5 books I know nothing about
I research most of the books I read before I get them, but sometimes it's nice to just pick one up for whatever reason - without checking out reviews or ratings beforehand.

5 translated books (not from English or Norwegian)
I want to read more from authors from other countries!

5 books from different continents
Closely tied up to the previous goal, I want to read more diversely.

What are your reading goals this year?



  1. Happy new year to you, too!
    Wow 100 books :D That sounds awesome! I would be quite glad to reach the 50 books mark.
    I like your goals and would like to read more graphic novels and more diversely in general as well. I just started reading more in English back in september. Before that I only read the required books for school or texts I needed to read for uni and made some attemps to read but didn't really enjoy it. So for 2015 I want to continue reading more books in English, especially classics.
    Like you I want to read more in my native language, which is Croatian. Most of the books I read are in German because it's the language I speak most fluently. My Croatian isn't that good, so I would like to improve by reading.
    My last goal is to reread 5 of my favourite books.


    1. It's great you're trying too read more diversely too! I think it's important to make an effort. But 50 books would be great, especially if you don't read much all the time! When I was in school, I didn't read that much either in my spare time, because there was so much reading at school already.

      Hm, I kinda want to reread some of my favourites as well... perhaps I'll do it if I run out of goals! :)


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