Book Review: The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell

Title: The Bone Clocks
Author: David Mitchell
Published: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 640
Rating: 3/5

Having fought with her mother, Holly Sykes runs away from home. But Holly is no typical teenager; she has voices in her head and sometimes she sees people who aren't there. But that summer, something happens, and the effects ripple through all of Holly's life and all those she loves.

This book was a pretty solid read. I really enjoy the writing style, and the supernatural elements.

I was expecting a little bit more of the paranormal bit though, and wished it wasn't all saved for the ending. I kept waiting for it to appear in the different story lines, and when it did, it was small and a little underwhelming sometimes. I also had a hard time connecting to some of the characters, but really enjoyed reading about the main one, Holly.

The story was good, but long. Sometimes you read books that have a lot of pages, but somehow it doesn't feel long, but this one did. The parts I loved the most was the beginning and the end. The middle was a little meh. I also thought the climax was extremely interesting, but it felt a little short for such a long build-up.

Overall, quite enjoyable. I would recommend this to people who enjoy science fiction.

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Also; these endpapers are divine.


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