Season Recommendations: Winter

Snow is currently falling here in Norway, I thought it was time for some winter book recommendations!

This is a mysterious and fascinating story set in several different time periods, which somehow all intertwine in the end. This book has a very particular mood that I feel is very well suited for this time of year. It's also quite epic for such a short book.

This is a really great fantasy, young adult book, following two characters; Han Allistar, a reformed thief, and Raisa ana'Marianna, a princess heir. This book has a great world, wizards and clans, and all kinds of fun stuff. 

This is a beast of a book, so proceed with caution: it's really good and really long, and definitely worth it if you love historical fiction. Set in twelfth century England, this follows several people through several generations, all connected to the project of building a the greatest cathedral the world has ever seen. 

This book is a gem. Set in Iceland in 1829, this follows a woman sentenced to death for the murder of her lover, from her sentencing to her death. The setting of this book is very vivid, and it's a simple and amazing story.

Another historical fiction, this one following a young girl in Japan, sold into slavery, and her journey of becoming a geisha. In this story, we enter a world where appearances are of the biggest importance, young women's virginities are sold to the highest bidder, geisha are walking works of art and love is forbidden. I would definitely recommend this one!

What are you reading this winter?


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