Pretty Spines

All book lovers know that covers matter - and so do spines.

Inspired by several videos on Youtube, here are some of my favourite ones from my bookshelf!

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens in the Clothbound Classics covers by Penguin.

Though I haven't read this one, I love the use of colours and the chandelier. 

F. Scott Fitzgerald by Penguin.

These are simple, shiny and beautiful. They also look great together.

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton, published by Candlewick Press.

Also shiny. I really like the font, and the rose gold feathers. Sometimes, when books have really long titles, they look a little weird on the spine, but I think they solved this beautifully.

Jane Austens novels by Vintage Classics.

There are six of these, but these are my favourites. They look great together.

Classics in the English Library covers by Penguin.

Though these spines don't look amazing on their own, together I really love the look of them. The more, the better!

So many beautiful spines!



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