Book Review: Søndager i August by Patrick Modiano

Title: Søndager i August
Author: Patrick Modiano
Translated by: Tom Lotherington (original language: French)
Published: 1986
Language: Norwegian
Pages: 142
Rating: 2/5

Nice in the rain. A stolen diamond. A young couple. A disappearance. This is what we learn about through Jeans personal reflections while he's looking back at his past, revealing a dramatic story...

To put it simply, this book was not my cup of tea. It's not very long, but it felt really long when I was reading it. Either this book is lacing something, or I am clearly missing something important.

Now, what bothered me most was the writing style. But I don't know if that was caused by the translation or not. I know that sometimes books translated to Norwegian loose some of their nuance and feeling. There were all these "..." constantly throughout the text, and I just thought it was really annoying because I didn't get why.

I thought this book was okay, nothing special and a little bit boring. I had very little expectations, but I was still disappointed.

I think this may be a good book for someone who already likes this author. I can imagine this is a book for someone a bit older.

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