Book Review:
Rebel Angels by Libba Bray

Title: Rebel Angels
Author: Libba Bray
Published: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 576
Rating: 3/5

This is the second book in the Gemma Doyle series. You can read my review of the first one here.

As this is a second book in a series, this review might contain spoilers.

It's Christmas and as Gemma is ready to ring the new year in, not only does she have a persistent suitor after her, the realm is in disarray and she's the only one who can fix it.

This is quite the thrilling sequel, I must say.

I quite enjoyed this, even more than the first one. It was very close to getting four stars, but I had a few issues with it: I think this book is a little too long and then there's the love triangle...

On the other hand, the writing is wonderful and I've really grown to love the characters. It also has quite a few unexpected twists and turns, and it's all very atmospheric. I especially enjoyed getting to see more of the realms.

I would definitely recommend these books to anyone who enjoys fantasy and historical fiction.

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  1. I've only read the first book of this series and I've always wanted to read more of them, but I could never find it-and now I want to read more of this series

    1. Do it! If you liked the first one, this one is better :)


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