Dewey's 24 Hour Read-A-Thon

Yay! It's time for Dewey's 24 Hour Read-A-Thon!

If you are unaware, this read-a-thon spreads over a period of 24 hours, and basically, you read as much as you can during that time. There are also fun mini-challenges you can do if you want to. It's basically just a lot of fun!

This is actually coming at a perfect time for me, because my reading has been a bit slow lately, and I really want to get to some books I've been eyeing for weeks!

In Norway, the start time is at 14.00. From then on out, I will be updating this post with progress.

But first, I have compiled a very loose TBR pile of books I think I want to read:

I am also currently reading Rebel Angels by Libba Bray and Selected Poetry by Thomas Hardy.

Wish me luck!

Page count: 781
Book count: 4

14.00: The read-a-thon has begun! I'm starting off with continuing reading Rebel Angels by Libba Bray, where I am currently at page 251.
15.09: I have read 44 pages in Rebel Angels, but am now off to an early dinner with a friend. Will read more the minute I get home!
20.06: I have read another 253 pages of Rebel Angels, which means I have finished the book! The next book I will pick up is The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter.
21.16: Accidentally took a nap.
22.27: On page 45 of The Bloody Chamber and will probably fall asleep soon.
22.34: ZZZZZZzzzz...
09.18: I have awoken and read a few more stories in The Bloody Chamber, now being on page 81. Just realised I have an unread volume of Amulet, so will start that now.
09.52: I have finished Amulet Vol. 2 by Kazu Kibushi (it was awesome!). Will now resume reading The Bloody Chamber.
11.36: Currently on page 135 of The Bloody Chamber. Only a few more stories left!
11.52: Have powered through the last of The Bloody Chamber, and must admit I'm in need of a little reading break. I will probably start another book in a while, at least before the read-a-thon has come to an end!
12.38: We're in the homestretch, so I have picked up Thrall by Natasha Trethewey!
13.32: I have read 84 pages in Thrall, thereby finishing it!
14.00: The read-a-thon is over! I'm pretty pleased with my reading, and in total, I ended up reading 781 pages and 4 books!

If you participated in the read-a-thon, I hope you had fun!



  1. I wish you luck and I can't wait to follow your reading! :D

  2. Your stack looks lovely! Happy reading! :D

  3. Hi Alice! I was looking forward to this autumn read-a-thon, however, unfortunately I don't feel very fit for it since I spent whole of this week in bed trying to recover from some virosis. And now finally when I am better I feel like I need to catch up on sleep. So I had to cancel my plan to participate at the read-a-thon. However, at least I keep my fingers crossed for you. I hope that you are going to spend wonderful night with the collection of tempting books you've chosen :) Enjoy!

    1. Hi! Oh, that sucks, I hope you feel better soon!! <3 And thanks! :)

  4. Good luck! Sounds like you're already doing really well! I wish I'd known about this, but I'm a little behind with things so I'll definitely be taking part next time.

    1. Thanks! It was sheer luck that I tumbled upon this last week and had time to sign up :D But next time!


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