Book Review:
Gossip From the Forest by Sara Maitland

Title: Gossip From the Forest
Author: Sara Maitland
Published: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 256
Rating: 2/5

In this book, Maitland discusses the deep connection between fairytales and forests.

So. Where to start...

I think perhaps I ruined this book for myself, as I had expected it to be very different. I thought (as it does promise, in my opinion) it was going to be a lot more about fairytales than I felt it actually was. At times, it felt like there was just a lot of stuff about trees.

I thought this book was going to explore the significance of forests in fairytales, and in part it does, but it just fell a little short for me, as I felt it branched out into all these other topics I didn't really care about. And this, sadly, made it dreadfully boring.

I felt like this book promised to reveal the deep connection between fairytales and forests, and all it did was show this very thin, sad string that might, just might, connect the two.

There were parts in this I enjoyed, but I don't think this is the book to read for fun. Unless you're really, really into trees.

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  1. This sounds ridiculous xD
    I mean, I even get why you would connect fairytales and forests. There are tons of forests and special trees in fairytales, so how hard can it be to properly connect the two? Still weird to write a whole book on it.

    1. It kind of was ridiculous, in my opinion. It was basically a bunch of stories where she went to all these different forests and went like: this was a nice forest. I mean, gosh :P


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