Bookstagram Spotlight:

My favorite social media platform is definitely Instagram, and there are so many lovely accounts dedicated or sometimes feature that which we all love: books! These vary from fellow book bloggers, to publishers or simply avid readers who love to share their books with the world.

As I am currently the happy stalker of many of these accounts, I thought it was time to share some of the accounts I enjoy the most.

This time, I thought I would share one I recently discovered...

Et bilde publisert av GEORGIE. (@whatgeorgiedid)

Et bilde publisert av GEORGIE. (@whatgeorgiedid)

Let me know if you have an Instagram account, as I'm always looking for cool people to follow!



  1. Nice one. But I prefer yours, I really like feed. Well, I do have an account as well but it's not about books so... I don't know, don't feel obliged to follow or anything. Have a nice day! :) https://instagram.com/amiout/

  2. Well my instagram is a combination of books and random things-https://instagram.com/rebellereine


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