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Book Review: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Title: Frankenstein
Author: Mary Shelley
Published: 1818
Language: English
Pages: 195
Rating: 5/5

In this classic tale about what happens when a man takes science too far and creates life - but not the way he had imagined...

I have FINALLY read this classic that I've been promising myself to read for so long, and how happily suprised I am! I feel there are many more layers to this story than one would first imagine when hearing about the horrifying Frankenstein and his monster.

I, as most others, know the general gist of Frankenstein. My experience with it before this was seeing a movie when I was young that scared me into nightmares for three weeks.

The book is in parts scary and extremely atmospheric. There's thunder and storms and raging mountains and you can picture it all very vividly. But what I loved most about this book was the overall theme of science and taking science too far.

I was also suprised by how fascinating all the characters in this was. I felt a true connection to them. The writing style is fantasic, and not that difficult to read (especially for someone like me, who's first language is not English).

I can completely understand why this is considered a classic masterpiece and would recommend it to everyone.

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Also... endpapers!


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