On My Shelf VI

It's time for yet another On My Shelf. This is the sixth one in this series, and you can check out the others here.

My shelves are an absolute mess these days, so I counted to the best of my abilities, and found these books to show you:

7 and 20

This is a collection of short stories and is a book I have yet to read. I bought this last time I was in London, purely because of this gorgeous cover.

4 and 12

This is the fourth book in the Fairyland series, of which I have now read two. But I will definitely get to this soon, as this is one of my favourite series of all time. Can't wait to get around to this one.

1 and 17

Have I ever told you I keep getting sucked in by beautiful covers? Sigh.

10 and 10

A book I have read and loved. This is apocalyptic fiction that follows a theatre crew before and after the end of the world. This also has a gorgeous green spine.

1 and 4

This is a book by the wonderful Persephone books, and is one of their most famous classics. Though I love the grey covers these usually come in, I really like these ones too. The quality of Persephone books are excellent. I have yet to read this one as well.

All right, time to give you some numbers if you want to do this:

2 and 7
9 and 18
2 and 9
4 and 1
8 and 8



  1. I dont even care what Vixen is about. it's so beautiful and I need it!

    1. That is exactly how I acquired it, so we're on the same page!


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