Book Review:
The Ask and The Answer by Patrick Ness

Title: The Ask and The Answer
Author: Patrick Ness
Published: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 553
Rating: 4/5

This is the second book in the Chaos Walking trilogy. You can read my review of the first book; The Knife of Never Letting Go.

As this is the second book in a series, this review will contain spoilers.

Having failed at fleeing the army that's been chasing them, Todd and Viola find themselves wounded and beaten in the hands of their worst enemy, in the middle of the city he is currently forming into New Prentisstown.

I finally got around to continuing this trilogy! Though it's been a while since I read the first one, I had no problems jumping back into the story.

I really enjoyed this book, though it's not quite as action packed as the first one. There's a lot more of psychological stuff in this one, and we get to know the characters more. I especially liked reading about The Mayor and how twisted his view of the world is. I also really love how the main characters have depth, that not everything is all black and white.

The only issue I have with this is that it is a little bit repetitive, and there's this slight hint of a love triangle, and we all know how much I hate those. I'm really excited to read the final book in this though, because it ended on quite the cliffhanger!

I would wholeheartedly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys dystopian science fiction that will break your heart.

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  1. This was my least favourite in the trilogy (it was still great though), I had a hard time getting into it put it picked up towards the middle. I love the Mayor, he's such a complex villain. Have fun with the 3rd book, it blew my mind!

    1. I agree. It has, like many second books in trilogies, that "middle book" feel, you know? But the Mayor is definitely very fascinating. I have started reading the third now, can't wait to see how it ends!

    2. I know what you mean but TA&TA is still so far ahead of other 2nd-in-a-series-books :) Patrick Ness simply is a genius.


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