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I recently found something of a treasure in a magazine shop, and I flipped through it. I didn't buy it, but since I kept thinking about it, I went back and alas, they didn't have it anymore.

However, I found it online, and thought perhaps this is something some of you might like to see too. It's called Faerie Magazine, and it has all sorts of magical things in it. It comes out quarterly as far as I'm aware, and I got two of the ones I thought looked most interesting to me (one of them which is the one I flipped through in the store). There are stories in here as well, and the best thing about it that there are very little adverts in here, if any.

I think what drew me in the most was the photography. It's just the kind of photos I'm very drawn to; a bit mysterious, a bit magical, and very beautiful. I've also quite loved some of the recipes in this, if you're into cooking.

I took a few snaps of what it looks like...

Have you ever read Faerie Magazine? What magazines do you like?



  1. Hi, for the subscription, is it a one time payment for the entire year's subscription or do they charge you for each magazine you receive?

    1. Hi! I'm not sure, but the ones I've gotten, I've only ordered piece by piece, I've never been subscribed to it. You could send them an e-mail and ask :)

    2. I see, I did send an email but I'm a bit impatient... I really don't want to pay around 26 dollars for each one, not until I try it at least...could you tell me how much one separate order cost? Was it less than 26 dollars? This would help ease my mind :) thank you!

    3. I can't remember how much it cost when I got them, but it says on the website that a 1 year subscription cost 26 dollars, so that's probably what you got. They put out a magazine every three months, so that'll get you four magazines.

    4. Okay, thanks! I just hope there aren't any hidden terms because they seem pretty amazing. I've been following them on Facebook and I finally decided to go for it, I can't wait for the first one :) thanks again

    5. They seem like a good company, so I'm sure it's fine! The magazines are great, I bet you'll love it! :D

    6. Hey! They replied, it is just a one time payment for the one year subscription (in case any others have the same worries) :)

  2. further explanation ^^^ Isubscribed to a one year subscription and I thought that was the final price, then in the confirmation email it said the price for "each" ...ex. $25.95 each
    ..so did you pay one time for a subscription or do they charge 25.95 (the cost according to the website for a one year subscription) each time you receive the magazine? Thanks!


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