Book Review:
Very Good Lives by J. K. Rowling

Title: Very Good Lives: The Fringe Benefits of Failure and the Importance of Imagination
Author: J. K. Rowling
Published: 2015
Language: English
Pages: 80
Rating: 4/5

J. K. Rowlings speech, which she held at Harvard University in 2008, in book form.

This was simply a quick and inspiring little book.

As it is a very short book, I don't really have much to say. These are wise words by a wise and inspirational woman. Rowling addresses the important issues of failure and imagination with a sound and clear voice.

I think this is pretty perfect as a speech, not just to graduates, but to anyone who is turning a new corner in their life. It carries a bit of extra weight, I feel, if you're a fan of Rowling. I personally think she's brilliant, and therefore I have a tendency suck up her words as if it was life.

I also liked the sweet little illustrations in this.

I would recommend this if you need a little pick me up, and I think this would make an excellent gift to anyone you love.

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  1. I loved that speech, so I ordered this book as well. I'm so looking forward to reading it ;-) Great Rowling fan overhere as well!

    1. It's such a wonderful little book to have, I'm sure you'll love it :)

      Aren't we all just basking in the great glory that is J. K. Rowling... :D


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