Bookish Reflections: Goodreads

Today I thought I would share my thoughts and experiences with Goodreads.

What it is:
Now, if you don't know what Goodreads is, it's a free website where you can find all kinds of books, and you can find ratings and review of the books. You can also sign up for your own profile, where you can categorize your books by the ones you've read and the ones you want to read, and maybe the ones you didn't quite finish... You can make as many "shelves" as you'd like.

There are plenty of authors on Goodreads that you can follow (Like I follow Stephen King and Patrick Rothfuss and plenty of others), and you can befriend other users and follow their reviews.

Goodreads can also help you find new books to read, as they recommend books for you based on what you've read or are currently reading. I don't really use this all that much, as I mostly find books by checking out what people I follow are reading.

There are also groups you can join, lists you can vote on and quotes you can like.

My Experience:
I'm pretty new on Goodreads, I discovered it in December 2014, and immediately signed up.

I really like rating the books I read, because it keeps track of what I really thought of them. It's easy to forget these things.

My absolute favorite part about Goodreads is the Reading Challenge. In this, you can pledge to read a certain number of books during the year. I opted for 50, which is waaay more than I usually read. Goodreads also keeps track of how many books you've read and wether or not you're on schedule. I looooove this, it's really motivational for me.

I am ahead of schedule! Yay!

Now, you can, of course, catalogue every single book you've ever read, but I haven't done that. I can't remember all the books I've read since the dawn of time, so I've just left it and added the ones I can remember reading fairly recently (like back a couple of years).

I really love having my to-read shelf, where I add all the books I want to read. It's great, because if I ever want to get a new book, I can check out the shelf and see what I've found that I want to read.

Also love the little bar that tells you how many percent you've read in the book you're currently reading.

Overall, I really enjoy using Goodreads, and it's made me read as much as I want to, but never used to do.

If you're ever in the neighborhood, you can find me here.


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