Gift Guide: For Booklovers

Sometimes it can actually be quite difficult to buy gifts for booklovers. You'd think: just buy a book, right? But sometimes it's really hard to find the right book; would this person like this? Have they already read it?

So, I thought I'd give you some ideas as to what you could a booklover if you can't find a book.

Because all booklovers need them!

From Etsy
2. Literary Cups
Because sometimes we want coffee or tea or hot chocolate.

from Etsy

from Etsy

from Society6
3. Tote Bags
Because they are handy, and you can carry all the books you want.

from RedBubble

from Society6

from Society 6
4. Notebooks
Because we all love them.

from Etsy (you can get these personalized)

5. Pens/Pencils
Because you need something to write in your notebooks with.

from Etsy
Hope this gave you some ideas!


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