Book Review:
China Dolls by Lisa See

Title: China Dolls
Author: Lisa See
Published: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 376
Rating: 2/5

San Francisco, 1938. Three girls from very different backgrounds find themselves auditioning for show girls at an exclusive Oriental nightclub and an unlikely friendship arises.

I had pretty high expectations for this book, but in the end, I find it to be a very average historical fiction.

The characters are fairly interesting, but I found it hard to connect to them. I thought it was a little hard to understand some of their traits, as I felt they were a bit contradictory at times. When the ending came around, I found myself unsurprised and a little bored.

What I miss most in this book is a more vivid description of the setting. I lost the feeling of what time it was all the time, and felt like this story could've been set anywhere, any time. For historical fiction, usually what I enjoy most is to get a feeling for the time period, but I found it completely lacking in this book.

I think this would make an excellent movie though, as the characters would be interesting to see on screen. For a book though... not that great.

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