Bookish Reflections:
The Act of Collecting Books

I recently had a discussion about reading and collecting books, and I thought I would share my thoughts. I think, to be a reader doesn't always just mean you like to read - it can mean that you love literature, you love the physical book, you love the art of book covers, and you love the act of collecting books.

Most of my friends and family sigh when they look at all my books; some because they think it's a bit crazy, some because they admire it. They all know me and they know I love reading. I've had a few people wonder why I don't just borrow the books at the library, why I bother dedicating so much of my space to these things. And I think it's interesting, because collecting books is something I very much enjoy.

I collect books because they are my favourite things in the world. It's not just the physical thing of it that I love, it's what it contains; endless stories in endless worlds about all these people I love and people I can't wait to get to know. It's like owning a magnificent universe.

My collection of books are a mix between old books and new books, read and unread. I don't really think the point of having a personal library is to have read all the books in it. The point is to surround yourself with what makes you happy, and the possibilities that lie in my unread books make me smile.

For me, books are simply important, and that's why I collect them.

What are your thoughts on collecting books?



  1. I love collection books as well. There are so many reasons to do this. Beautiful editions or covers for one and then the ones I read and loved. I enjoy looking at them on my shelves, remembering the stories or the stage of my life I was in when I read it. Also, I like to flip through them from time to time if I look for a certain detail or just to reread the passages I marked the last time I read the book.

    1. Exactly! I love flipping through books too, it's such a good feeling :)

  2. I couldn't agree more! There's something special about being surrounded by books.

    1. There is! :D Sometimes I wonder why not everyone does it :)

  3. I have many books that I didn't read yet, but of course I continue buying them as long as I have money and physical space available.


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