Book Review:
Murder in Mesopotamia by Francois Riviére

Title: Murder in Mesopotamia
Author: Agatha Christie, Francois Riviére (adapter), Solidor (illustrator)
Published: 2005 (original story published 1936)
Language: English
Pages: 45
Rating: 4/5

Poirot finds himself in the middle of a murder mystery while on vacation in the Middle East.

I really liked this one. This is fast-paced, but it didn't feel too rushed, only a little. I like how you get to know the characters before the crime happens, and then Poirot gets brought in.

I love the artwork, and I like how Poirot gets to shine in this story, even though it is narrated by the nurse. I feel like he was well portrayed.

What I especially love in this, is the setting, with the digsite and the Middle-East.

I would very much recommend this to anyone who enjoys graphic novels and mysteries.

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