Book Haul: April


I went to London (also known as Bookshop Mecca) in the beginning of this month, and I got some books. I use the term "some" very loosely, as you will soon see. There's just something about going in to these magnificent bookshops and find books I always buy online because I cannot find them in Norway. An example is that I found an entire table full of the Everyman's Library Pocket Poets books, and I nearly lost my mind. It was just so wonderful!

Nevertheless! April was a good month, and the trip I had with my family for Easter was pretty great! Spring is in full swing now, and I'm quite excited for May. May is always a good month in Norway, because not only do we have all these random days off, but the 17th of May is Norway's Independence Day, which is always fun!

I'm done rambling now. To the books!

Woot woot!

I hope you've all had a good month as well!


  1. that is a nice book haul. And I always love flowers with books.

  2. Wow! Now THAT is a haul! You picked out some really beautiful books (as always!). I can't wait to hear your thoughts on them :)

    1. Yeah, I went a wee bit crazy. And thank you! Can't wait to read them all :D

  3. You went to London, omggg. Jealous. I'd love to visit all the bookstores there!

    Oh my goodness, SO MANY GORGEOUS BOOKS, I WANT THEM ALL. I really do. Gosh I need to go to London...

    The Story of Alice, Reading the World, Etta and Otto and Russell and James are my favorites.

    I'm glad your easter went well. :) I hope this months goes great too.

    1. London is amazing! I would totally recommend going, it's perfect for any booklover. Next time I definitely want to visit some independent bookshops (like Persephone Books, looks so gorgeous). I'm lucky though, as England isn't very far from Norway.

      I loved Etta And Otto and Russell and James! It was great.

      Hope you have a great month as well!

  4. I want to visit London someday, as well as Norway :)
    Your concept of 'some books' is really curious. That looks more like 'a ton of books', 'an enormous pile of books'... you got it, right?
    Just kidding, congratulations on your new books. I want all these British Library Crime Classics, the covers are gorgeous and I really love crime stories.
    Others that interested me: The Mystery of Edwin Drood, The Story of Alice, Reading the World and Saga.

    Thiago - www.doctorcorgi.com

    1. That's why I wrote "I use the term "some" loosely" :) It's quite the pile!

      The British Library Crime Classics are gorgeous! I've only read one so far, but can't wait to read the rest.

      You should definitely read Saga if you haven't. It's really good!

  5. That's quite a lot of books! I'm really jealous of your trip to London, it's always been on my bucket list. All these covers are gorgeous, I would buy them just for their looks! (I know it sounds shallow, I can't help I'm a book cover maniac). I'm waiting to hear your thoughts on all these books :)

    1. Girl, you are not alone on loving covers! :D And London is great, especially for book lovers :)


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