Book Review:
The Penguin Book of Irish Short Stories

Title: The Penguin Book of Irish Short Stories
Edited by: Benedict Kiely
Published: 1981
Language: English
Pages: 544
Rating: 2/5

A collection of short stories, capturing different generations and moods in Irish writing.

It isn't often that I struggle so much getting through a book, but I did with this one. With short story collections, there's always going to be some stories you enjoy more than others, but in this they were few and far between. This just didn't do much for me.

Two of the stories I did enjoy were "The Cards of the Gambler" by Johnny Shemish and "Wildgoose Lodge" by William Carleton. These are both some of the earlier stories in this book, as I ended up skimming big parts of the second half.

What I did like about this, is the cultural value and insight you can glimpse from time to time. It simply did not captivate me enough to really keep me awake and interested.

I would only recommend this if you really love short story collections and want a little Irish culture thrown into the mix.

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