Book Review:
Reading The World by Ann Morgan

Title: Reading The World: Confessions of a Literary Explorer
Author: Ann Morgan
Published: 2015
Language: English
Pages: 336
Rating: 3/5

Ann Morgan one day noticed that almost all of the books she'd ever read was mostly from English speaking countries. She then decided she would try to read a book from each country in the world - in only one year, sharing her reading adventures on her blog. The experience of doing this shed some light on issues that affect us all.

Before I start, I should just mention that non-fiction is still a pretty new genre to me and because it's so different from what I usually read, I find it a little tough digest at times.

First of all, this book was very different from what I expected when I picked it up. I thought it was going to be a lot more about her reading and blogging and the year she spent doing it, while in reality it's more... factual, if that makes sense. I feel like the title of this book suggests this is written from more of a personal perspective than I found it to be.

That being said, I very much enjoyed parts of this book, especially the ones talking about publishing and translation. It really did make me think that we should all try to read more diversely, and there's so much we're missing out on, simply because it's in a different language, or the country it's from has no publishing whatsoever.

Overall, this was pretty interesting. I would recommend it if you wish to learn more about books and publishing all around the world. I've certainly learned several important lessons.

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You can also visit the blog that started all of this, A Year of Reading the World.

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