Book Review:
Written in Red by Anne Bishop

Title: Written in Red
Author: Anne Bishop
Published: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 433
Rating: 5/5

This is the first book in The Others series.

Meg is a blood prophet - if you cut her skin, she can see the future. Because of her value, she's been kept in a compound all her life. But when she finally escapes, she finds a safe haven in the Lakeside Courtyard, a business district operated by the Others.

But her Controller is still viciously trying to find her and her fate rests upon one of the Others, who generally view humans as meals.

This was so good! I had really high expectations, and I was not disappointed. This book is one of the more unique books I've read lately.

I absolutely love the world this is set in. The humans and the Others, and how they co-exist was really interesting. I very much enjoyed learning about the different kinds of creatures.I felt like I could connect to all the characters, and I love both the main character and the side-characters.

I also like how this was a very good set-up for more books to come, though it is slightly slow because of it. This is a very solid first book, and I can't wait to read the next one.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys urban fantasy and mysteries.

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PS: This is one of the few times I'm not bothered by the fact that there's a person on the cover, which is a rarity. I actually quite like it.

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