Book Review: The Letter for The King by Tonke Dragt

Title: The Letter for the King
Author: Tonke Dragt
Translated by: Laura Watkinson (original language: Dutch)
Published: 1962
Language: English
Pages: 560
Rating: 4/5

Tiuri is about to become a knight. He has done all his training and been deemed worthy, and all that's left to do is to pass the night before the ceremony in silent vigil. He is not allowed to speak to anyone, and not allowed to leave or open the door to the chapel.

But when he hears a desperate knock on the door, he opens it anyway. The stranger has an important task for him - he must deliver a letter to the King - and Tiuri is the only one who can be trusted with it.

This was a great adventure story. It was action-packed, fast-paced and highly entertaining. It's follows the classic adventure tale with knights and castles, and all those things we all love.

I really enjoyed the main characters, and really enjoyed meeting all these different characters along Tiuris journey. I liked that there were all kinds of people in this; bad, good and somewhere in the middle.

I very much enjoyed the world in this too. I felt like the author painted a good picture and that it was well built.

I would very much recommend this to anyone who enjoys adventure, and I especially think young readers would love this book. So if you have a young niece or a nephew, this would make a great gift.

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  1. This is one of my favorite childhood books. I was so happy when it finally got translated into English!

    1. It's great English kids can read it now! :D I love it when publishers translate these kinds of books :)


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