Title: The Night Rainbow
Author: Claire King
Published: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 224
Rating: 3/5

Five-year-old Pea is spending her summer in France running wild with her imagination, trying to deal with her fathers passing and a mother that's too sad to take care of her.

This was quite a lovely read, and very much like I had anticipated.

I thought this book dealt with important issues through the eyes of a child very well. Though Pea perhaps seems a little older than only five, she also feels like a child. The most heartbreaking thing about this story is how lonely the main character is and how she's desperately trying to cope with her feelings and the situation she's in. She is desperate for love and attention and tries so hard to make her mother happy, only to find herself fail, and those bits really pull at the heartstrings, because it's not her fault.

The writing has something special to it on occasion, but not always. I felt like the middle part of this book dragged on a bit too long, and because the story was moving along so slowly, when the ending came, it felt rather short and a bit stunted.

This is a charming tale with a good atmosphere, a bit sad but also a bit funny at times. I would recommend it if you enjoy contemporary fiction with a child narrator.

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