Title: Hear the Wind Sing
Author: Haruki Murakami, Ted Goossen (translator)
Published: 1979
Language: English (translated from Japanese)
Pages: 101
Rating: 2/5

The first published work of Murakami, this is about two young men who are coming of age, dealing with loneliness, obsession and eroticism.

I think it's always interesting to read an authors first work, and this was no exception.

You can clearly see a lot of themes that are prevalent in his later works; young, lost men, disappearing women, loneliness, sadness, sex and growing up. I thought that was really interesting to see.

The structure of this book is very loose, and there's not much happening. It's more about the characters and their thoughts, which I don't usually mind, but I found this a bit too chaotic. It reads very much like a first novel, written by someone who are experimenting and not sure of what they're doing.

I also have to point out that I've heard a lot of people mention how female characters in Murakamis books are often written quite sexist, but this is the first novel by him that I really noticed that. I found it very annoying and it took away from the enjoyment, it really did.

There are moments in this novel that really stand out, moments that remind me of what I like about Murakami and it was an interesting read in some ways, but overall, this was not that great.

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