Title: Bee Journal
Author: Sean Borodale
Published: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 192
Rating: 3/5

A poetry collection chronicling beekeeping and the life of the hive.

This was quite an interesting read for me, as I've never read anything like this, a sort of narrative in poetry form.

I really like the concept of this, and the way we follow the beekeeper and the hive through the seasons. I like how they poems all work together, but also stand on their own. I thought this was quite beautifully written, in a slow and calm way. Sometimes it's so calm that it feels a bit dull, but I think perhaps that's the way it's meant - it feels almost like a daydream of sorts.

I did feel a bit of a disconnect to this and it didn't move me on a personal level, though that might be due to the fact that I don't know anything about beekeeping. There were moments where I felt like I found something deeper, but overall, it didn't truly pull me in. Despite this though, I felt I could enjoy it for the beauty of the words.

I think this is a collection for people who already enjoy poetry, it's not one to start with if you're new to the genre, except perhaps if you know a lot about beekeeping.

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  1. Hello Alice,
    I have a recommendation for you. When I saw "a sort of narrative in poetry form" I couldn't not think about a book I've read some months ago. It's a heartbreaking young adult story told via poems. Check it out, I have a feeling that you may like it. :)

    PS Your photos are magnificent! Always. How do you do that? :)

  2. Hey! Thanks so much, I've added it to my TBR :D Looks really good. I dunno, mostly it helps with having some flowers in the background :D


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