Title: The Kraken Wakes
Author: John Wyndham
Published: 1953
Language: English
Pages: 240
Rating: 4/5

It all beings with strange fireballs plunging into the ocean and ships starting to disappear. Journalists Mike and Phyllis Watson follow this strange story, developing from a curiosity into a global crisis.

This is my second John Wyndham book and I have to say, if all of his books are like this, he's going to become on of my favorite authors.

This story is written in a very realistic style, in the way that large parts are told through second hand accounts, acquired by the journalists talking to people who have been places and seen things connected to the sea creatures. The danger sort of lurks in the corners for a large part of the book, but you know it's there and you know it's coming. This part feels a little bit slow, but ultimately, it does build suspense.

It is so freaking scary when disaster strikes, and I like how the author includes all kinds of people reacting in different ways, even though they're all basically feeling the same thing: horror. I also have to say that I am already really frightened of deep sea things, so this was extra scary for me, but fun scary.

It is a slightly more calm story in a lot of ways, which to me is what makes it so good; it feels a lot like people would actually react, it feels realistic that governments would disagree on how to approach the problem, all the while hushing things down and telling people not to panic.

This was a really great apocalyptic novel, and if you like that sort of thing, this is for you.

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