Title: The Wind Is Not A River
Author: Brian Payton
Published: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 325
Rating: 3/5

Having lost his brother to the war, writer John Easley throws himself into documenting the situation in Alaska and finds himself trapped and lost on the island of Attu. Meanwhile, his wife, Helen, will not sit idly by and wait for him - she will find him, one way or the other.

This was a fairly interesting book, and one I read and enjoyed.

This book is set both in Seattle and in Alaska, on the Aleutian islands, which is an uncommon setting of books about World War II that I really enjoyed. I felt like a got a really good feel for the place and the surroundings.

The characters in this book are pretty well-rounded, though I thought perhaps I would like to know even more about their back story, as I felt I didn't quite get to the root of their motivations. This is, in large parts, a love story, though not an annoying or awkward one, which is something I appreciate.

I don't feel particularly overwhelmed by this though, but not underwhelmed either. I feel like this was a nice, fast-paced read that simply didn't blow me away. I didn't wholly connect with the characters, though I must say I enjoyed reading about John, more than Helen, as his viewpoint felt more realistic. I do also like how not everything in the story works out easily - the obstacles and failures make the story more lifelike.

Overall, a good and enjoyable historical fiction, though nothing extraordinary. I imagine if one often enjoys love stories, you'd enjoy this more than I did.

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