Title: Take It As A Compliment
Author: Maria Stoian
Published: 2015
Language: English
Pages: 96
Rating: 4/5

Stoian has collected the stories of real life people and their experience with harassment, violence and sexual abuse and brought them to life with her artwork.

I really liked this book and I applaud the author for making a book about such an important topic in such an accessible and beautiful way. I am both pleased and disturbed by this: pleased because it's important topic to talk about, disturbed because so many of these stories felt familiar.

Just the title of this book is fantastic; I don't know how many times I've heard this being said to me or my friends. I like how the stories in this touch on several different varieties of harassment and sexual assault: being inappropriately touched on a subway, being scared into doing thing you don't want to do, being raped by your partner, having someone block the way and insist on telling you that you're sexy... and much more. I also appreciate how it had a few stories with males being sexually harassed and abused, because I think it's important to remember that it's not just women this happens to.

I really enjoyed the artwork in this as well. It was raw and honest and it really brought another element to these stories. I thought perhaps some stories were a bit more challenging to follow and some ended very abruptly.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone. I also think it could be quite educational, as it brings to life several situations that some are thought to overreact about, but that really is a form of harassment or abuse. It also informs you that you're not alone.

You can get this book at The Book Depository.
You can read more about it on Goodreads.

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