Title: Trophic Cascade
Author: Camille T. Dungy
Published: 2017
Language: English
Pages: 70
Rating: 3/5

This collection explores life, death, motherhood and nature.

This was quite a good collection, but I'm afraid parts of it went a little bit over my head.

My favorite poems were the ones dealing with motherhood, and the discussions on how that changes a person. It's simply but beautifully written, and I especially like how some of the poems are spread across the pages. It adds a sort of rhythm to it that's really interesting.

One of my favorite poems is called "Ultrasound";

I will wait for you as cicada wait
through winter, their August song
harbored in the last thunder clap
of the season. I will wait, as I wait
through any drought, for the lesson.

I will wait for you as the colloquy waits
on polyphony; wait for you as the bunting
waits on the berry. I will wait for you,
as I wait through all the hedgerows.
I will wait for the clearing.

I will wait as the tide pool waits. I will
wait as the upturned leaf before dawn.
The hangar for its zeppelin. The student
for her marks. I will wait. I will wait,
untying lace, for the double binding.

As I wait for the green grandeur of luna moth,
wings once apprehended then gone
out of sight, I will wait for you. I will
wait as your infant tongue will wait
unaquainted, for the first taste of cherry. 
p. 11

I think this is a pretty good collection to check out if you enjoy modern poetry and the themes this brings up. It's definitely worth the read for poetry lovers.
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