Title: The Handmaid's Tale
Author: Margaret Atwood
Published: 1985
Language: English
Pages: 479
Rating: 5/5

Set in a future world in the Republic of Gilead, Offred is a handmaid, whose only purpose is to bring forth children for the elite.

This book was mesmerizing.

The world Atwood creates in this book is insane, frustrating and oddly realistic. It doesn't take long before you realise something has gone terribly wrong with the world, but you constantly want to know more and things are revealed slowly throughout the book until you sit there thinking: wow! The writing is sharp, subtle and lovely and the story flows seamlessly between the past and the present.

The characters in this are great and it's easy to connect with the main character. Seeing the rest of the characters through her eyes was really interesting as well; you can't really get to know all of them, because she never does, but still, you manage to create a picture of them and find out what they represent. There's a mystery to all of them though, which is something I really liked.

The themes of the book are thought-provoking, disturbing and horrifying. Although the world in this is far from ours, it's not that far away, which is what makes this so very good.

I fail to truly express my thoughts on this book, but I can tell you that I absolutely loved it. I think it's somewhat of a modern masterpiece and it's quickly made it to my list of favorite books. I would highly, highly recommend it.
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  1. I bought the audiobook a few days ago and am really looking forward to reading it. :) (Even more so now that I've read your review. :D)


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