Title: Life For Each
Author: Daisy Zamora, Dinah Livingstone (translator)
Published: 1994
Language: English (translated from Spanish)
Pages: 70
Rating: 4/5

In this collection, Nicaraguan poet Zamora explores life, death, womanhood and politics.

This was an absolutely lovely collection.

Personally, I found most of the poetry in this really easy to understand and connect to, there's no up in the air nonsense. The writing is raw, honest and lyrical, and I like how it moves through different themes. The poetry I struggled with the most was the political poetry though, but I suspect that's because of a lack of knowledge from my side, concerning the issues she brings up.

One of my favorite poems from this was "Another Time":

We return to the place where we were happy
together with new friends.
We sit facing one another
and your hand no longer reaches for mine under the table.

In the shade
the tables we used to sit at are empty.
The midday sun whitens the cocoa plums
on the highest branches,
guavas glisten green among the leaves.

There is warmth between us,
we are like two old friends.
With tenderness, laced with sadness
I look at the tables and chairs,
standing inert and lonely.
p. 39

There's real passion in this collection and it seeps out of the pages. It's heartfelt and beautiful, and I would highly recommend it if you like poetry.
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