Book Review:
The Rental Heart and Other Fairytales by Kirsty Logan

Title: The Rental Heart and Other Fairytales
Author: Kirsty Logan
Published: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 143
Rating: 3/5

Twenty tales of lust and loss, featuring clockwork hearts, paper men, island circuses and a flooded world.

As a huge admirer of The Gracekeepers, I was really excited to read this book.

I think this is a solid collection of short stories. It has that witching and slightly dark feeling to it that I really enjoy, and it's my favorite element in fairy tales. The writing is lyrical and wonderful. Not all the stories have magical elements, but those that did were definitely my favorites.

The stories vary in theme and length, and there were some stories that I absolutely loved, that took me by surprise and I couldn't put down. However, there were quite a few I didn't find as appealing, but that's what you get with short story collection.

I would definitely recommend this book if you enjoy fairytales, or if you just want to try some of Logan's work.

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