I got a lovely little package the other day and although it's unrelated to books, I just had to show you because... who doesn't love dinosaurs?

So, I discovered this online shop called Eclectic Eccentricity and they sell all this awesome jewellery. A lot of it is space themed, which I love, and they use a lot of interesting crystals in their pieces that I think is really great.

I could've bought almost everything in the store because it all just looks so wonderful, but I tried to limit myself a little bit (slightly unsuccessfully I must admit), so I got two necklaces, two rings and this fantastic looking clear quartz geode.

Everything came beautifully packaged and I'm in love with wearing all of these (although maybe especially the dinosaur one)! It's probably not going to be long until I have to make another order, because they've got all this other space stuff that looks amazing...

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  1. AHH THEY ALL LOOK SO PRETTY! <3 I love all the products you buy, I will definitely take a look at their website.

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress


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