July is over and done for the year and here's my reading diary for the month!

It's the beginning of July and today is Sunday! Since I've got the day off, I slept late and then read for a bit before breakfast (which was more like lunch to be honest). I'm currently reading The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, Race by Toni Morrison and A Place For Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza.

Now, because I didn't have that much left of The Glass Castle, I read the last few chapters of that, before moving onto Race which I read the remaining 85 pages in. After that, I watched two movies in a row and then in the evening I read about 20 pages of A Place For Us.
Pages read: 155

Started reading Hillbilly Elegy by J. D. Vance on my Kindle after work and read four chapters of that.
Pages read: 70

Read a few chapters of Hillbilly Elegy.
Pages read: 40

Read a few chapters of Hillbilly Elegy at lunch, then read another few chapters when I got home, as well as a chapter in A Place For Us.
Pages read: 137

Read one chapter of Hillbilly Elegy during the day. After work, I was going to dinner with a friend, but managed to squeeze in half a chapter of A Place for Us on the tram on the way there.
Pages read: 24

Went for a day trip to Sweden with my sister and my nephew, so didn't read anything at all. Had a great day though!
Pages read: 0

Had the day off, so spent the morning and a few hours after lunch filming and editing videos. In the evening I got sucked into A Place for Us and read four chapters.
Pages read: 76

Spent the morning hours finishing A Place for Us (a fantastic read by the way), and then spent some time editing videos. In the afternoon, I decided to pick up Holding by Graham Norton and read about a third of that.
Pages: 237

Read a few chapters of Holding.
Pages: 50

Started reading This Will Be My Undoing by Morgan Jerkins and read 59 pages of that.
Pages read: 59

Read another few essays in This Will Be My Undoing after work.
Pages read: 103

Read 35 pages of This Will Be My Undoing on my lunch break. Things are really busy at work these days and I'm slightly exhausted so I find I don't have much energy to read as much as I'd like.
Pages read: 35

After work, I was babysitting and after my nephew was asleep, I read the last 80 pages of Holding, which was very enjoyable.
Pages read: 80

Finished This Will Be My Undoing, and decided to start Red Clocks by Leni Zumas and read a few chapters of that in bed before I went to sleep.
Pages read: 76

Continued reading Red Clocks in the morning (it's very good), and also decided to start reading The Fact of A Body by Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich.
Pages read: 226

Started reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed at work and then continued for a few chapters after work. Before bed I picked up Red Clocks and read the last 100 pages of that (I couldn't put it down, I just had to finish it).
Pages read: 269

Read 54 pages of The Fact of A Body in the morning and then 82 pages of Wild before I went to work in the evening (although I will say, I may have skimmed a few of those pages because I was a bit bored by it).
Pages read: 136

Ya know, I just didn't feel like it today, so I read absolutely nada.
Pages read: 0

Read the last 120 pages of Wild, because I literally just wanted to get it over with.
Pages read: 120

Had a really long day at work and then afterwards I spent the entire evening editing photos for the blog, so no reading today.
Pages read: 0

Read a few chapters of The Fact of A Body after work.
Pages read: 49

My vacation time has started (I've got a couple of weeks of work), yay! I decided to pick up another Phryne Fisher mystery, The Green Mill Murder by Kerry Greenwood and somehow managed to read the whole thing.
Pages read: 192

Spent most of the afternoon making my way through the rest of The Fact of A Body.
Pages read: 205

Spent all morning filming and most of the afternoon editing, but in the evening I decided to start Circe by Madeleine Miller and read two chapters in it.
Pages read: 20

Not feeling well, so spent most of the day just watching movies and sleeping. Managed to read about an hour of Circe in the evening.
Pages read: 82

Still not feeling well, so didn't read anything today.
Pages read: 0

Read a few chapters in Circe.
Pages read: 27

Spent most of the morning reading the rest of Circe, which was excellent.
Pages read: 223

Started reading Tin Man by Sarah Winman and read 32 pages in it, then spent the rest of the day filming and editing videos.
Pages read: 32

Spent all morning finishing Tin Man because I just couldn't put it down, then decided to pick up Strangers on a Train by Patricia Highsmith.
Pages read: 188

Read a few chapters in Strangers on a Train, which so far is very, very good.
Pages read: 81

How was your July?

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