A couple of years ago I wrote a post about my reading in September which was a sort of reading diary where I tracked my reading throughout the entire month. It was a lot of fun to do, so I don't really know why I didn't do another one until now.

I'm going to attempt to make this into a series. I'm unsure if I'm going to be able to do it every month, but I'll try. I love reading and hearing about other people's reading, so hopefully this will be somewhat entertaining for some of you as well!

I'm currently reading the short story collection When A Man Falls From The Sky by Lesley Nneka Arimah and I've just started Idaho by Emily Ruskovich. I'm currently also watching True Detective on HBO, so after work, I didn't get much reading done I'm afraid...
Pages read: 0

I spent most of the day filming videos and editing, so didn't make any progress on Idaho, but managed to read the last three short stories of When A Man Falls From The Sky (it was amazing by the way). I've also decided to start The Accusation by Bandi, although I didn't read anything in it because I got caught up in watching True Detective again...
Pages read: 79

Slept late because it's Sunday and spent most of the day editing videos. Managed to squeeze in an hour of reading somewhere though and read 75 pages in Idaho. I also read a little bit before bed.
Pages read: 109

It's Monday! I was at work all day and forgot to bring my book to read during my lunch break, but I read about 20 pages of Idaho when I came home from work. Then, after watching a few episodes of True Detective and having dinner, I read another 34 pages in Idaho.
Pages read: 54

Working the late shift today, so slept a bit longer than usual before eating breakfast and reading a few chapters of Idaho. Didn't read anything when I got home from work, just went straight to bed.
Pages read: 38

Took Idaho to work and read 30 pages on my lunch break. After work, because I'm going away for a long weekend tomorrow, I decided to finish it off so I didn't have to bring it with me, so I read the remaining 75 pages.
Pages read: 105

Woke up early to catch my flight to Bergen. I'm spending the weekend at my grandfathers cabin, which is located on a tiny island. I've just started I'll Be Gone In The Dark by Michelle McNamara, so I read 26 pages of that on the flight (which is very short, only around 50 minutes). Didn't read anything else until bed, where I read another two chapters.
Pages read: 50

Spent all day in the sun with the family, fishing, hanging out and taking pictures (including some lovely shots of books!), so I didn't read a damn thing during the day, but managed to squeeze in a few pages at night before I fell asleep.
Pages read: 2? 3? Zzzzz...

Read 16 pages in I'll Be Gone In The Dark in the morning hours (including the pages I "read" last night), then spent the afternoon on a boat. After dinner, everyone just hung out, so no reading until bed where I managed to read the great amount of 6 pages beforeI I had to give up and go to sleep.
Pages read: 22

Read 15 pages in the morning before we had to go to the airport, then after silently battling for the armrest with my neighbour (I lost), I read 31 pages on the flight. When I got home I didn't unpack or do any of the things I should, instead I grabbed my book out of my bag and kept reading because it's so good.
Pages read: 69

Read 34 pages in The Accusation in the afternoon.
Pages read: 34

Read 40 pages in I'll Be Gone In The Dark before my shift at work, and since I have to get up early tomorrow, I didn't read anything in bed, I just went straight to sleep.
Pages read: 40

No reading today because I just didn't feel like it.
Pages read: 0

Read 25 pages of The Accusation on my lunch break. After work, I was babysitting my nephew and after he went to sleep, I read another story in The Accusation before continuing I'll Be Gone In The Dark, in which I read 46 pages.
Pages read: 97

Read 25 pages in I'll Be Gone In The Dark.
Pages read: 25

Spent all morning filming and then headed off to help set up a BBQ party we were having for work, which was great fun, but meant I got zero reading done.
Pages read: 0

Got home pretty late last night, so didn't get up until 11, but when I did, I quickly made breakfast and sat down to finish the last 70 or so pages of I'll Be Gone In The Dark. After that, I watched some Netflix and then in the afternoon I started reading Someone At A Distance by Dorothy Whipple in which I read a few chapters.
Pages read: 119

Read 24 pages in Someone At A Distance in bed.
Pages read: 24

Read 39 pages of Someone At A Distance in the morning, and then I got distracted by the urge to clean my apartment, so I spent the next two hours doing that and listening to My Favorite Murder before I went to work.
Pages read: 39

Read 37 pages in Someone At A Distance in the evening.
Pages read: 37

Read 50 pages of Someone At A Distance in the morning before work.
Pages read: 50

After work, I got caught up in taking down a bookshelf in my apartment (don't worry, a new one is going up) and then organising and voila, it was suddenly half past ten and I needed to go to sleep because I've got work early in the morning. Very exciting Friday, I gotta say (although I actually love it though).
Pages read: 0

A full day of work left me with a bit of a headache, so I didn't read anything until the late evening when I powered through the rest of The Accusation.
Pages read: 156

Read the entirety of one of the Vintage Minis, Liberty by Virginia Woolf, in the morning, then read 68 pages of Someone At A Distance. While eating lunch, I started another Vintage Mini, Race by Toni Morrison and read 46 pages of that. Then I watched some Netflix and the in the evening, I read another few chapters of Someone At A Distance.
Pages read: 203

Decided to start The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls on my Kindle and read 87 pages of that.
Pages read: 87

Spent most of the day at IKEA, buying a new bookshelf, but read 51 pages in The Glass Castle before bed.
Pages read: 51

Read a few chapters in The Glass Castle after work.
Pages read: 80

Got stuck waiting for the subway after work, so while I waited, I read 56 pages of The Glass Castle. When I finally got home, I spent the evening building the previously mentioned IKEA bookshelf (which turned out really nice by the way).
Pages read: 56

After work, I finished reading Someone At A Distance.
Pages read: 121

Started reading A Place For Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza and a couple of chapters of that.
Pages read: 70

How was your June?


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  1. I really liked reading this! It’s fun that we get a bit of your reading habits as well as a small glimpse into your everyday life (that may or may not have sounded stalker-ish :P): the bbq at work, the new bookshelf… (does this mean a possible bookshelf tour in the future?)
    My June was sort of stigmatized by tendonitis that made things at work a little difficult, which also, unfortunately, didn’t set the mood for any reading –it’s kinda better now. I read though a small bit of the ‘Man in the High Castle’ and I also have my eyes set on 2 new books: ‘Four-Sided Triangle’ by William F. Temple, one of the new British Library Sci-fi titles and ‘The Unwomanly face of war’ by Svetlana Alexievich, a nonfiction about the experiences of (soviet?) women who fought during the WW2.
    Anyways, hope you get to write another reading diary post at some point! Happy reading! :)
    P.S. Also, how do you like True Detective so far? I enjoyed first season a lot and the themes –although depressing af- were quite interesting. I watched it with my brother and some long talks that occurred after viewing certain episodes really added to the whole experience of it.


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