Title: Red Clocks
Author: Leni Zumas
Published: 2018
Language: English
Pages: 349
Rating: 4/5

Set in modern day America, we meet four different women who all live in a small town in Oregon who try to navigate this new reality where abortion is no longer legal, in-vitro fertilisation is banned and even attempting to get an abortion will get you time in prison.

This was such an interesting book, and brings up discussions that are both important and relevant.

It's one of those quiet dystopian novels where everything is kind of the same except this one law, and taking a look at how this affects these women is both fascinating and heartbreaking. Although it is set in our contemporary world, it's almost as if it's gone back in time to a place where women were not in control of their bodies, could not choose and therefore sometimes go to drastic lengths to take back their lives, often with horrifying consequences.

The way the author weaves all of these women together is amazing and I loved reading about the contemporary characters, but there are these small parts in between the characters where we meet a female polar explorer and I'm not sure those really worked for me.

I very much enjoyed the writing style. It's lyrical and structured in a really interesting way. I can imagine it's not the type of writing style everyone can get into, but I really liked it and I think it worked well with the story.

I think this is an incredibly interesting book about women, motherhood and freedom and it's well worth the read. The story is not far from a very possible reality, which is absolutely terrifying.
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