Title: Out of Mao's Shadow: The Struggle for the Soul of a New China
Author: Philip P. Pan
Published: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 448
Rating: 4/5

In this book, award-winning journalist and China correspondent Philip P. Pan, explores the history of China and looks into the individual lives of people struggling of coming to terms with the past and taking control of the future of one of the largest countries on Earth.

This was such an interesting read!

I haven't really read that many books about China, nor do I really know that much about it, but I feel like this really opened my eyes. The country has such an interesting political system and culture and one that is very different from anything I've ever experienced. It really makes you think about topics like censorship, corruption, power and different political philosophies.

There is so much information in this book, but it's done very cleverly; instead of simply telling us about the systems and the things that have happened, we see everything through the eyes of individual people. It makes all the information much more digestable and easier to connect with.

Some of the chapters are a bit long and do feel a quite dense, but otherwise, this was an excellent read. I would definitely recommend it if you want to learn about China and its recent history and get to know some really interesting people along the way.
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