Title: The Last Mrs Parrish
Author: Liv Constantine
Published: 2017
Language: Language
Pages: 390
Rating: 1/5

Trigger warning: This book portrays quite a lot of domestic abuse, abusive language and sexual violence. If you're sensitive to these topics, I would not recommend reading this.

Amber Patterson is fed up with being a nobody and feels she deserves more; a life of wealth and power like Daphne Parrish has. So she comes up with a plan to take what she deserves for herself and as a bonus, take everything away from Daphne, as she doesn't appreciate what she has anyway.

This book started off fairly well and I was pretty intriguied with the story. Then somewhere in the middle, it took a complete nosedive.

It is a bit of a slower book which I usually don't mind, but towards the middle I felt like it was really beginning to drag out. The story is told through two viewpoints; Amber and Daphne, and Amber occupies the first two hundred pages of the book. Towards the end of that is where I started to loose my patience. Then, when I saw we were getting to read from Daphne's point of view, I was excited; which only lasted about three seconds, as the minute I started reading from her viewpoint, I knew where everything in the rest of the story was going.

I kept reading in the hopes that I would be wrong, that something was going to surprise me, but it didn't. I do think the characters in this book are somewhat interesting, even if they are unlikable, but I kind of wish they weren't written so incredibly black and white. It's very, very clear who you're supposed to root for and who is right, which to me is kind of boring. There aren't really that many layers to the characters, nothing that makes you wonder about them.

It also ties up way too neatly in the end. Everyone "gets what they deserve" and you don't even flinch, because you don't really care about any of the characters or what happens to them. It also implies that some people deserve something I don't think anyone deserves and this is my biggest issue with this book, and the main reason I've given it one star instead of two.

I don't think I would recommend this book to anyone, as not only did I not really like it, there's also a lot of problematic things in this book that I can't really discuss without spoiling it. There are much better thrillers out there that you can read instead.
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  1. 100% agree with your review. The book was quite disappointing in terms of character growth and general plot progression. I wish Amber's deviousness was better concealed so atleast the reader felt Daphne's betrayal more. I also feel bad for what was to become of Jackson Jr. Because regardless of the environment he grew up in it was bound to be toxic either way. The end as you clearly pointed out was a little too neat and tidy. I didn't feel for any particular character really. It had great potential but didn't


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