1. Interesting video!
    I’m a wee bit torn on the old books dilemma. On one hand I do appreciate the historical aspect of really old books and some well-preserved editions are truly pieces of art. Also, my brother’s a bookbinder and old books/editions are the ones that mostly need preservation or make a much better basis for a new binding so I feel obliged to show support I guess :P (although I suppose, when an old book gets a new binding & design it’s not considered old anymore…?) But on the other hand I really love graphic design/illustration and I like to consider a well-designed cover as a small part of the book's narrative, sort of like an intro to the actual story that follows (if that makes sense?)
    + I like the variety that new books provide both in design and translation.

    (How cool is that you have your grandma's Lord of the rings copy! That's a lovely memento!:D)

    1. That makes total sense :D I kind of feel the same way too! And I know, it's so awesome to have grandma's old LOTR copy - she was a pretty badass woman :D xx Alice


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