Title: Deep Water
Author: Patricia Highsmith
Published: 1957
Language: English
Pages: 304
Rating: 3/5

Set in the small town of Little Wesley, a marriage is falling apart - the husband feigns indifference as the wife carries a string of lovers, until one day a tall tale of murder becomes more than a tale...

This was a really interesting read.

The characters in this book are magnificent - I found reading the story from the main characters perspective to be utterly fascinating. He's a calm man at first, one can understand him, sympathise even, and then things take a turn and it gets even more interesting. It's also interesting because you can't help but wonder what the other side of the story is, seeing as all you get is the main characters thoughts and he's clearly a bit disturbed.

I think there's something wonderfully sinister about stories that reveal the darkness beneath what seems to be a fairly mundane and ordinary existence, and this is very good at it. There's suspense throughout the entire book, a waiting for something to happen.

The book is, however, quite predictable, especially once you get to know the characters. The writing is excellent though and I definitely want to read more of Highsmiths work in the future. I would definitely recommend it if you like character-heavy suspense novels.
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