Title: The Little Book of Feminist Saints
Author: Julia Pierpont, Manjit Thapp (Illustrator)
Published: 2018
Language: English
Pages: 189
Rating: 4/5

In this book, we take a look at 100 women from around the world and from different historical periods who were all champions of strength and progress.

I've read quite a lot of these types of books by now, but I never seem to tire of them. This was another wonderful one.

I really enjoy the illustration style and especially the use of color. I also think the women in here are really interesting and there was a good mix of people I often see in these types of books and people who are rarely included. I also love how the last page is left blank, for the reader to fill out their own feminist icon of their choice; I think that's such an excellent idea.

I also think it's a clever idea to make all of these women matron saints of different things; Sappho is the Matron Saint of Lovers, Simone de Beauvoir is the Matron Saint of Philosophers, Madonna is the Matron Saint of Pop and so on. It adds a little bit extra to this book that I really appreciate.

I found a few of the biographies of the women a little bit oddly written, as if the sentences were put in the wrong order (which I don't think is the case, I think it's supposed to be like that, I just found it a bit wobbly). Otherwise though, this was yet another beautiful and inspiring book about beautiful and inspiring women and you can never go wrong with that.
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