Title: Newtown: An American Tragedy
Author: Matthew Lysiak
Published: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 289
Rating: 3/5

Published on the one-year anniversary of the event, this book takes a look at the tragedy of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

I read this book in an attempt to better understand something I've only heard in passing, which is the Sandy Hook shooting, and this definitely helped educate me on what happened.

This is an incredibly difficult read because of the subject matter, but it's also interesting. I think you get a good feel for the town this happened in and how it was irreversably changed by this, as was its inhabitants. You also get to know the shooter and his mother, which I thought was fascinating.

Although this brought tears to my eyes more than once, there is something missing from this, although I struggle to pinpoint what exactly. I think the book started off quite well, but then towards the end it started to feel a bit messy and I think the author has tried to cram so many possible explanations and viewpoints into the end without giving them enough room to do them justice, which made me feel like the end was rather directionless and hopeless.

I am aware that this book was published only a mere year after the event, so maybe that's where the problem lies; it could've used a bit more work and a bit more depth. It does illuminate what happened that day though and it is very informative, so it's worth the read if you want to learn a bit more about the event.
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