Title: Men We Reaped: A Memoir
Author: Jesmyn Ward
Published: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 270
Rating: 4/5

Jesmyn Ward lost five men in her life in the span of only five years and in this book, she tries to answer the question: why? She does this by taking us back to her childhood and where she grew up and taking a look at how racism and poverty caused the death of the people she loved.

This was such a raw, honest and emotional read.

This book is excellent at capturing the concepts of identity and home, and brings to life the South of the authors childhood. The story of the authors life and the lives of the people she lost is so fascinating and heartwrenching, and it's all very well written.

It also offers up reflections around the disadvantages and hardships of being born black and poor, and how that really affects people. Instead of just telling us about it, Ward shows us, because the book is so intensely personal. It's also a book about grief, overwhelming and crippling grief, and it's captured so well you cannot help but really feel all of it.

I do think the book is structured a bit confusingly and I'm not sure it really works, but otherwise this was just so heartbreaking and so well worth the read. I would definitely recommend it.
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