Title: Scars Across Humanity: Understanding and Overcoming Violence Against Women
Author: Elaine Storkey
Published: 2015
Language: English
Pages: 276
Rating: 3/5

In a mix between research and personal testimonies, this book explores different forms of violence against women across the globe.

This was definitely an interesting read.

It's a rather uncomfortable read, as it should be. I think a lot of people already know parts or all of what is offered in this book, but it's quite horrifying to see it all together and for that, it gave me something new. The book offers both facts and fascinating discussions around those facts, as well as heartbreaking testimonies from real people around the world.

It is, however, not without it's flaws, and there are two things I find could've been better. The first thing is that I felt the testimonies of the women around the world (which the author has spoken to on her travels) were not given enough room. Often there was just a small quote and a very short biography, and it left them a bit faceless. The second thing is the conclusion; I found it too short and sort of unhelpful, as the author chose to focus on her own faith as part of the answer, which as a non-Christian, I found a bit narrow and restrictive (that only came up in that chaper though and was luckily left out of the rest of the book).

It is an important book and showcases crucial facts about violence against women in many forms, and for that, it is worth the read and I would recommend it.

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